Page Loading Speed Optimisation

Page loading speed has a major impact on your website’s success. Why?

Better User Experience

When your website loads quicker, the user feels better and has a higher chance of staying back and reading about what you have to offer. On the other hand, slow loading websites see a much higher rate of abandonment where frustrated users leave and try other sites to buy their required stuff.

Seach Engine Ranking Improvement

Most search engines including Google want to list fast loading sites ahead of the slow loading sites as they  believe that the users will get what they want on these sites. Thus, improving the user experience pays you twice – higher satisfaction and more traffic with better rankings.

What can you do about it?

You should review the loading speed of the key pages (the home page, the main products’ pages, landing pages) using some of these tools:

All these tools tell you the current loading speed and also show your site’s performance on several parameters. Next, you should make the suggested changes

Next, you should make the suggested changes yourself or with the help of your web developer. If you don’t have any, you can check out this team. Some changes are so simple that these can be carried out in a few minutes. Others may take longer, even months as you might have to review the impact of the proposed changes. Even if you are not able to make all the recommended changes, you will still be able to achieve considerable gains.

What next?

Web sites are perpetual work in progress projects. They keep getting updated and therefore, you should periodically review the current loading speed and make suitable updates if you have slipped on some parameter. This will ensure that you always put your best foot forward.


Havelock Hotels & Resorts

Havelock HotelsHavelock Island in Andaman & Nicobar is one of the most popular islands with great beaches and so many activities for the families as well as adventure loving groups. Havelock hotels and resorts can be economical as well as luxury depending on your choice and you will get a large number of options.

Havelock is just 2 hours from Port Blair and you can reach there by the government ferry or by the private ferry (Makruzz) which is much more comfortable and faster too.

Havelock Hotels: Wide Choice

When you visit Havelock, you can stay in an eco-friendly hut or a luxury resort depending on your budget. Most of the hotels are situated on either side of the State Highway 5. Munjoh Ocean Resort, Silver Sand Beach resort. DiveIndia and Barefoot, which operate diving expeditions for newbies and experienced alike, also offer low budget stay options. There are several low-budget options which you can try.

The Barefoot resort near the Radhanagar Beach is an awesome, though expensive, resort nestled in the jungles for an unforgettable experience.

There are excellent options for eating different types of cuisine. Seafood is the most popular but there are many outlets where you can North India and south Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food also. I personally loved eating at the B3.

I invite you to check out for learning more about Havelock as well as the entire group of islands in Andamans.


Paul Myers’ Talkbiz Newsletter

The Talkbiz newsletter is one newsletter that I will open and read immediately on receipt. It is published by Paul Myers and is full of useful guidance on matters of interest to the online entrepreneur. Is there a newsletter that I read immediately after getting it? While checking my email, if I see Paul has sent a newsletter, I stop doing what I am doing and read t in full. It’s that good.

Sometimes, it will talk about online security and at other times, it will contain step by step guidance to setting up some very useful marketing related software. Several Talkbiz issues contain action plans that are later packaged by Paul as ebooks or software with additional steps, slightly more detailed case studies and sold for a real fee.

Paul has got a distinct voice. He tells things as they are. Also, while he will also occasionally mail you links for things you can buy (you get 100 times the money you pay value with most), most of the issues carry highly useful and actionable tips for your Internet marketing. In fact, you can download a very valuable FREE report immediately on subscribing. Heck, it is fine to subscribe, get this report and see if the newsletter issues are quality and to your taste. Or else, you can do the classic one-click exercise to unsubscribe.

Definitely worth a look – subscribe here.

Mobile Websites: Tap a Vast New Market

Why do you need mobile websites?

Did you notice that almost everyone nowadays is sporting a smartphone, be it an iPhone, Blackberry, Treo or Android based mobile phone? These people are searching for information on the move, right from their phones and you need to show up when they search for your category of products. They won’t try to locate a Yellow pages book or ask for directions. They will ‘Google’ what they need and links to mobile websites are what they will get.

So how do you reach them with your marketing message? So that they buy from you when they need ‘it’.

A mobile website is ‘the answer’. Even if your website appears in their search results when they click over, the regular sites open fully zoomed out in microscopic fonts and they immediately bail out. If you had a mobile version that will show up clearly on their tiny screens and deliver a compact and effective message, they are definitely going to be interested.

Google has declared that it will give preference to mobile friendly sites and highlights sites that are compatible with mobile devices in the search results.

Mobile websites developerThe big question is – “how to develop that mobile website?” You can take help from this mobile websites’ development company, which has developed lots of attractive and functional sites. Big benefit – their service is highly affordable and you can recover your small investment with the first few orders only.

Useful tools, software and services – my recommendations


We all use different tools for improving our work, increasing the productivity and to make our life better and simpler. In this blog, I will be giving you recommendations about the tools I have used or know about. You are welcome to check them out for yourself and see if you can benefit too.

Please check out the details of each of these – we all have varying needs and therefore, what works great for me may not be the right choice for you. So a bit of diligence is advised. This is only a suggestion – you should tread with caution.